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I don't usually do these kind of stuff, sharing things but thiS THIS HERE;

A note I received from :iconturntech-palmer:, This is what she said;

 So, my friend Mackenzie is being cyber-bullied by these two girls/guys on twitter. One of their accounts is dedicated to making her life miserable. They're calling her horrible names, saying she should go kill herself, and that no one would ever date her because she's "so ugly". In the past few days, Mackenzie has been healing because she just tried to commit suicide. Now she's began to believe that all these things are true about her, and she's becoming depressed. I just wanted to ask to see if you could share this with your watchers to get their accounts removed, and share the hashtags#StopCyberBullying and #HelpMackenzieOut. We don't need people like them in this world.
Their Accounts:

Sadly, I don't have a twitter but if I can report them without an account then I will. So, please help her and her friend out guys!
Double meme or a switch around meme?

not to be annoying but if u wanna do count me in too

i need friends //weeps
I have a Youtube now! I can finally upload all of my speedpaints ahh thank god 

Feel free to subscribe! :D…